4 Tips to COMMUNICATE better with your partner

Updated on Jan 30, 2019 03:11 PM IST  |  1.6M

A relationship exists between two emotional human beings who bring their own past experiences and expectations into it. Communication stands as a prime element in maintaining a healthy and active relationship. You might find yourself in a little mess when you cannot talk about your feelings with you partner, or when he/she turns away when you bring up your feelings. Two different people also have different levels of communication skills. Communication either makes or breaks most relationships. Practice these four tips to improve the communication in your relationship.

Be open and honest with your partner

Some people do not easily open up with their partners and the reasons behind this vary from each person to person. Such people may not even know themselves, or know much about their own real needs and desires. But if you want to take a step forward with your relationship, you need to open up. Hiding your emotions and feelings beneath a dark cloak might seem fine with you, but it is definitely not good for your relationship. If you think there’s something amiss in the relationship or you didn't happen to like something your partner said or did be open about it.

Talking openly with your partner can also improve your emotional intimacy better. Talking about things you may have never talked about with another human being before in your life, means being vulnerable and honest with your partner, completely and unabashedly. At times, this can be hurtful and leave you disappointed, but at the end of the day, you can tell yourself that you are opening yourself up to the full potential of all a relationship can be.

Validate your significant other’s feelings

Everybody is entitled to have their own feelings, so do your best not to criticise, judge, belittle your partner, or minimise the importance of the feelings. When an individual’s negative feelings are not validated, he or she will likely create a barrier in the relationship and you clearly you don't want that!


This is a top most golden rule in the holy book of a healthy relationship. When you're neck deep in an argument or serious discussion with your partner, it is important to listen to their point as well. We’re often so afraid of not being heard, we rush to keep talking. It is hard to put aside your point for the moment and just listen, but that's what you've got to do to make things work.

Pay attention to the signals

Non-verbal communication also plays a major role in any relationship or friendship. Mostly it's not what you say but how you say it. It can be the body language, tone of the voice, eye contact, the distance you maintain when talking to the other person, etc. Learning to communicate better also includes understanding to read these signals as well as hearing what the other person has to say. This might take a little time and patience though. Some common non-verbal communications are :


  • Louder and more aggressive tone may mean the person is escalating the discussion and is becoming too emotionally involved. It might also suggest they feel like they’re not being heard or understood.
  • Lack of eye contact may mean they’re not really interested in what you’re saying, is ashamed of something, or find it difficult to talk about certain matter.
  • Folded arms may mean they’re feeling defensive or closed off.
  • Someone who’s turned away from you when talking to you may mean that person is disinterested or is being closed off.