4 Warning signs she is NOT being loyal in the relationship

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4 Warning signs she is NOT being loyal in the relationship

When you are committed to a person and give your all in the relationship, it can be quite heartbreaking to know that your partner is not being loyal and is two-timing. When such a thing happens, your first instinct is to break up and cut that person off from your life. But at times like these, it becomes increasingly essential for you to first know the truth of the situation. 


Asking your partner directly about their unloyalty can be naive as they might not confess to it easily. So we have for you 4 telltale signs that you should look out for in your partner to know if they are two-timing you and being unfaithful to you.

She makes excuses


Whenever you call her or try to meet her, she always makes excuses. And when you ask her what kept her busy, she cooks up stories and you can simply see it in her eyes that she is lying to you. 


She doesn’t put in any extra efforts


It takes two to make a relationship work. Earlier both of you used to make that extra effort and go that extra mile to make the relationship work. But now it is just you who puts in the efforts, whereas she simply doesn’t seem interested in making things work. 

She is always preoccupied


Whenever you talk to her, she always seems distracted and listens to you half-heartedly. When you notice that it seems like her mind is somewhere else, it can be a sign that she is two-timing you.


She seems unhappy with you


The look that she used to give you often, seems to have disappeared. She seems distant and cold. She no longer looks content with the relationship or with you and looks unhappy and dissatisfied.


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