Ways to encourage your dear one to seek professional help to deal with an emotional problem

Updated on Jun 13, 2021 06:43 PM IST  |  205.8K
How to help someone with emotional problems
How to help someone with emotional problems

When you are seeking your loved ones dealing with an emotional problem, feeling lost, and hopeless in life, then it’s not a responsibility of yours, rather a duty to encourage them to seek for professional help. When their sad mood is getting prolonged and they have started to see a lot of changes in their behaviour, then make them realise that it’s time to consult a therapist. But you cannot be harsh to them as it’s an extremely sensitive topic to talk about. So, here are some easy ways to persuade someone to seek professional help.

Show them the warning signs

When you need to encourage your dear ones to seek professional help for their emotional issues, then you can start with talking about the warning signs they are having and how they scare you. The warning signs are:


Temperament that scares you.

Acting aggressively

Being unable to maintain basic hygiene levels.

Problems on thinking and becoming disoriented.

Forgetting important facts.

Problems interacting with others and being unable to work.

You can have a polite conversation with the concerned person regarding this and make them realise how it’s affecting their life and yours as well.

Approaching your loved one in the right way

First, let them know that you want to talk about something serious to them. Then pick a good time for the one-to-one conversation which would be convenient for both of you. Remember to show empathy while talking to them and be patience as there is a high chance for them to get upset listening to your words. The approach towards professional help should be positive. So, ask them to give you a gift of consulting a therapist for their own good.


Make it easy for them

If it’s hard for them to find the right therapist, then you help them to make things easier. Find an experienced therapist in your city and book an appointment for them. If it’s needed, you can get along with your loved ones if they hesitate to go alone. But first, you should take their permission.

Take stronger measures

Often, therapists initially may want to talk to you to have a brief. Then be specific about each and every problem you have seen your close one struggling with. Once, the consultation is done, then encourage them to follow every point recommended by the therapist. Lastly, always support and be there for them.

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