4 Ways to make a guy fall in love with you over text

Are you attracted to a guy that you have been talking to but don’t know how to make him fall for you? Then follow these 4 ways to make him fall in love with you and to win his heart over text.
4 Ways to make a guy fall in love with you over text 4 Ways to make a guy fall in love with you over text
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So you have been talking to this guy who you absolutely adore. But owing to the pandemic and the beginning of another lockdown situation, you can’t meet him. All you can do is try to somehow make him fall for you and that is, over text! Yes, we know it can be tough but texting is a powerful tool and you can use it to your advantage in situations like these.

Moreover, when you text a person, you have the luxury to think your responses through and take your own time in replying to them. So here are 4 simple yet effective ways to make a guy fall for you over text!

Be intriguing

Nothing attracts a man more quickly than a woman who is intriguing and mysterious. So simply be unique, different, and unpredictable with him over text. You should come across as an interesting person who doesn’t follow a dull routine and like to keep things fresh and spontaneous.

Be cute

Once you are successfully able to attract him with your unpredictability, send him cute texts and flirt with him a little without being too direct. Send him texts at random hours of the day to let him know that you are thinking about him.

Tease him

Poke him a little and tease him in a good-natured and non-offensive way. Try to make him laugh by pointing out his quirky yet cute habits and be playful. This will help build attraction and will help him see your fun, confident and uninhibited side. 

Do not over text

Lastly, never over text him. If you have sent him a text but for some reason, he hasn’t replied to it for quite some time, resist the temptation to text him again or ask about his whereabouts. Have patience and know that he will eventually text you back.

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