4 Ways to support a friend who has come out as LGBT

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Ways to support LGBT friend
4 Ways to support a friend who has come out as LGBT

If your friend has just come out as LGBT, what will your first reaction be? Asking them questions about how it happened or giving them a warm hug and telling them, ‘I am proud of you’? Of course, it has to be the latter.

Show your friend your love and assure them nothing will change between the two of you.

If you are still unsure of how to support your friend who has come out as LGBT, here are 4 ways to do so.

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Never ask ‘how’ and ‘when’

While it may sound casual to you, it can deeply affect your friend. Always be humble and polite and refrain from asking questions. Instead, tell them how you are proud of them for opening up and that you will never be judging them for the same.

supporting LGBT friend

Research about the community

If you are someone who doesn’t know much about the LGBT community, read about it. This shall make your friend happy for they will know that you do care about them and are interested in knowing more. If you have any questions, ask them politely, again, it shouldn’t be how it happened.

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Never tell them it may be just a phase

Be proud of your friend and become their strength. Don’t use phrases like ‘Are you sure’, ‘It may pass’ or ‘Think about it’. Be appreciated and understanding, and after all, it is their choice. If you can’t encourage them, stay silent but never tell them something that may hurt them deep down, because they won’t see it coming from you.

Take pride in introducing them to your other friends

Never take somebody’s gender or sexuality as an excuse to ignore them. Take pride in introducing your friend in whatever way they like to be introduced. Be proud of their choices, if you can’t, better to stay quiet. If someone you see is making your friend uncomfortable by asking them weird questions, step into the scene and handle the situation your way. Whether it’s about answering questions or tossing them, be your friend’s saviour in need.

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such articles are much needed today. this LGBT sub is new to most of us and we have no idea how to proceed in this issue . TQ PV .