4 Zodiac signs that are SURE to break ever Cancerian's heart

Cancerians are the nurturing zodiac sign who like to devote their time to close ones mostly. Their homely personality may not be liked by some other star signs and they may break their heart.
4 Zodiac signs that are SURE to break ever Cancerian's heart
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Cancer is the nurturing zodiac sign of all. These people are highly sensitive and emotional and that’s why they go back to their outer shell after getting hurt by someone. Then they cry on that pain and take a long time to move on.

But when they love someone, they will be highly compassionate and dedicated to them and will do everything to make them feel special and loved. So, they should be aware of some zodiac signs who may hurt and break their heart.

Zodiac signs who may break Cancer’s heart:


Aries and Cancer is the fire-water combination which is quite uncommon and unconventional. They may not match well together often. Aries people are very independent and do what they like. On the other hand, Cancerians are nurturing zodiac sign who like to pamper people and take responsibility for them. So, they may feel like they are contributing a lot more than Aries people in the relationship.


Librans and Cancerians make a good pair together but Librans friendliness can make them insecure. Libra people like to spend time with their friends and Cancerians are more of a homely person. So, they may raise the question to give them more attention which may make Libra people tensed about the relationship.


Gemini people are the life of the party. They like to have fun and constant entertainment and that’s why they may find Cancer people a bit boring. Cancerians are a homely person who likes to get involved mostly with their closed ones only. But Gemini people like to meet new people to gather new experiences, so they may break Cancer’s heart and leave them.


The funniest zodiac sign wants to gain new experiences, travel new places and try new things every now and then. They are not that much into spending time with family or closed ones and devoting time to their home. They are the free spirit who may not like the nurturing side of Cancer. They want to live their own life to the fullest and want the same from Cancers.

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