4 Zodiac signs who miss their ex the MOST after a breakup

Is your zodiac sign on this list? Find out
4 Zodiac signs who miss their ex the MOST after a breakup
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Okay, so there are some people who just feel like it is easy to move on after a breakup. But, the others tend to miss their exes even after it is too long. This does not mean they have a difficult time moving one, but, it is just that they cannot seem to cope with the fact that their boyfriend/girlfriend is not around. Deleting them from social media do not let some people get rid of all the memories they made together. So, here are the 4 zodiac signs who tend to miss their ex even after a breakup:


Taurus’ are the bulls of the zodiac signs which is why they are very stubborn. However, when it comes to relationships, they are quite the romantic kind. If they fall for someone, they fall so hard that it almost becomes impossible for them to imagine a life without their partner. Sometimes, it is not even the ex hat they miss but the day to day things that they did together, which now they have to do it alone. 


Cancerians are softies at heart which is why they will hold on to their ex even if it has been a long long time. I mean, what is the fun in moving on if you can reread all the old conversations over and over again? They live more in the past than living their present and planning their future. 


Virgos are perfectionists and extremely sensible. So, seeing them on this list can definitely be surprising. But, just like their friend, Taurus (which is also an earth sign!) they are stubborn beings and cannot get comfortable with any and everyone. They need to build a connection and once that is built, it becomes difficult for them to move on. 


As much as they hide it, Libras are hopeless romantics. They are very eager to please so, they are not the first ones to initiate a breakup but they are definitely someone who would mourn one long after they call it quits. They do not hold a grudge for long which is why they forgive and forget easily. But, the one thing that they cannot forget is the love that they shared with their partner. 

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