5 Common fights couples have in the first year of their marriage

Every couple fights and have disagreements, even during their first year of marriage. Here are 5 common fights you might have with your spouse.

Updated on Aug 11, 2020 12:27 PM IST  |  1.5M
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5 Common fights couples have in the first year of their marriage
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After months or years of meeting each other, you’re finally married. You might be thinking that you will busk in the breezy new life with your spouse. But in reality, once the honeymoon phase is over, you might face problems. Of course, it will change several dynamics of your life. You will fight, have disagreements, but these are the things that will make your relationship stronger. 

That’s right, every couple fight, especially during the first year of marriage because they are slowly trying to adjust to each other’s lifestyles. So, don’t worry if you’re quarrelling with your partner in the first year of marriage – it is all part of married life. While not all couples fight on the same things, but there are some common tiffs that most couples have. 

Here are 5 of the most common fights couples have during the first year of their marriage. 

“You should understand me better” fight 

Even though your partner knows when you like to have your tea and when you like to have some alone time, they are no mind readers. If you anticipate too much, without expressing your needs, then it will only lead to pent up emotions, which might cause relationship issues. What you need to do is to openly communicate with each other to understand each other's needs. 

“We need to have some better boundaries” fight 

Whether it’s your in-laws asking questions about when you’re planning to have a baby or your friends dropping by unannounced, unhealthy boundaries in your relationship can lead to unwanted problems. Two mature adults are capable of making stern boundaries that don’t make their significant other feel uncomfortable. 

“You promise you would change” fight 

If you married your partner thinking that they would change is going to lead to inevitable problems. It is essential to understand that you are separate individuals and have different perspectives. You have to make peace with your differences to avoid conflicts. Focus on each other’s strengths rather than weaknesses. 

“I need some alone time” fight 

Before marriage, you didn’t have to think twice before making plans with your friends, attending seminars, have a spa day, but after marriage, some things change. It is important to understand that you’re in this together and have to give some alone time to each other to prevent the other from getting frustrated. It is crucial to be a better spouse with each passing day. 

“You’re not good with money” fight 

Relationship experts term money as one of the biggest reasons why couples fight. It could be a bigger problem for a couple trying to combine finances or thinking about starting a family together. There could be other money-related problems like debt. The only way to tackle money issues is to have transparency in the relationship and work out a plan to meet in the middle.

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