5 Crucial tips to get your relationship out of a rut as shared by Psychiatrist Dr Anuneet Sabharwal

When your relationship is stuck at a certain point, you feel there is no spark and fun. Things start to get continued in the same routine and partners may find themselves distant from each other mentally. So, Psychiatrist Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, founder and director of Happy Tree, shows 5 ways to revive the relationship.
5 Crucial tips to get your relationship out of a rut as shared by Psychiatrist Dr Anuneet Sabharwal
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Do you ever wonder or feel that your relationship is headed towards a dead end? However, it does not mean that's the end of the relationship. If both you and your partner are not on the same track and don't understand each other, it can happen due to various reasons. It mainly happens when the partners settle down and either of them gets into a routine.

Most of the partners also have their commitments outside the relationship due to their career. Some of them incorporate social groups, family responsibilities and hobbies that take up all the time away from you as a couple. But, added to these household responsibilities, it's not surprising that you both end up doing similar things. Maybe you and your partner spend time together every day and do similar things. But spending time together can instantly become predictable, routine and uninspiring.

Psychiatrist Dr Anuneet Sabharwal, Founder and Director at the Happy Tree, shares some tips to get your relationship out of a rut:


Initially, acknowledge the issues going on in your relationship. Ask if your partner, too, feels that your relationship is stuck. They might be happy with the routine you have created and may resist the changes if they are not aware of how you feel. So, communication is crucial. Trying to talk what you have in mind does not mean that you are pointing out. You may see that your partner feels the same but doesn't know the appropriate solution.

2.Create a team

The changes in a relationship only take place when you both are willing to make it. The teammates support, encourage and motivate each other. This will assist to pull you in the same direction. If you love to spend time on the sofa at weekends and your partner wants to go hiking, you both may face issues. Come to a common ground and agree on the new things which you both love to do together.

3.Take up the responsibilities of your feelings

Nobody in the world can make you feel adequate or complete. You may feel like your relationship is stuck due to your own life, which has lost the spark. So, it depends on you to get it back on the track. Being in a relationship does not mean that you forget your things and to balance, you need to do something that you love as an individual.

4.Give your relationship some space

Being in a relationship does not mean you need to see each other 24/7 or continuously text or call each other. It does not give you both the time to miss each other. It is better that sometimes you both give each other some additional space so that you both have many things to talk about when you meet your partner.

5.Try doing something different

Variety is crucial in life as it adds spice. It might be easier for you always to have a pizza and watch movies sitting on a couch. But this too can become dull at times. So, try some different activities such as playing a game instead of watching movies. Spend your time cuddling and reconnecting. Ask for some suggestions from your partner as well.

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