5 languages of love that can make your relationship stronger

Read on to know the 5 different languages of love that will help you to make your relationship stronger with your partner.
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Everyone has different expectations when it comes to relationships. While some people love being close to their partner, others find comfort in the little gestures that their partner shows. It might seem that love is the same for everyone, but in reality, people have individual preferences and desires when it comes to relationships. That’s mainly because cater to a different language of love. 

The concept of languages of love was first introduced by Gary Chapman in the book The 5 Love Languages. Each person has their own way to express as well as receive love. The idea behind knowing your love language is to understand your partner better and maintain a healthy relationship. It can also help you make your relationship last longer. 

With that said, check out what is your language of love. 

Acts of service 

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” This is all about putting efforts to make your partner’s life easier. Remembering to take care of the small things without asking is one way to show your significant other that they are loved. Doing small gestures go a long way in a relationship. If you do that, then this is definitely your language of love. 

Words of affirmation 

Words of affirmation don’t mean that you should shower your partner with compliments every day. Instead, it is about thanking them for everything they do to take care of you or showing appreciation for preparing dinner, or walking the dog. Words that show your partner that you value what they bring to the relationship. 

Receiving gifts 

No, it is not about the materialistic things. It is the gesture behind the act that matters here. This love language is about thoughtful gifts as simple as going out for an ice-cream or giving them flowers. They are like the token of love to remember each other even when you are apart. 

Physical touch 

Whenever physical touch is mentioned, most people think about sex, but that is not what this language is about. It is about the soft hugs, cuddling, holding each other’s hands that make you feel protected and loved. If you think you are loved when you are by your partner’s side, then this love language is yours. 

Quality time 

Catering to this love language is all about giving your partner all your attention. It is not about sitting next to each other, but actually, be there mentally sans distraction. Listening carefully to every word they say and be actively present for them in every moment of the time you share with each other. 

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