5 Lines of empowering advice for ladies stepping into a relationship

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Empowering advice for ladies stepping into a relationship
Lines of empowering advice for ladies stepping into a relationship

Starting new relationships can be exciting indeed. But they do bring in the fear of whether you would be able to retain your sense of freedom with a new partner. After all, many complain about how hard relationships really are. So if you have been worrying about losing yourself after becoming a couple, then read on. This write-up offers you a few ways you can make sure the relationship never challenges your freedom. 


  1. Refrain from chasing him

Self-admittedly, many women admit they tend to do this. Whether you have been keeping tabs on your crush or calling him too often, it is time to stop. You may want to ensure that you are not the one who initiates contact every time, as it can be a turn-off for some. Let your boyfriend reach out to you sometimes.


  1. Be willing to listen, as much as you love to talk

Being a good listener is an important aspect of good communication. Making your partner feel heard is equally important.

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  1. Accept that you can’t be a people pleaser.

Some believe that doing everything your lover wants all the time will strengthen your bond. However, this tends to make some men run for the hills as you come across too strong. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone take you for granted.


  1. Don’t stalk your partner or their ex on social media

Wanting to find out more about your boyfriend may come naturally. But be willing to ask them instead of stalking their social media or searching for their ex-girlfriend online. Being the bigger person is always a great move. 

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  1. Discuss gender roles within your partnership

While we started off as a patriarchal society, things are changing. Men are no longer the sole earners, while women aren’t always homemakers. Therefore, you must address what your roles would be like and how you’d tackle raising kids irrespective of your gender. 


We hope this empowering advice will give you wings to soar with your new love!

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