5 Reasons why you should not bring up your ex with your new partner

Talking about your ex has its own dos and don'ts. We are here to tell you about the latter which involves not talking about your former companion. Here are the reasons why you should not bring up your ex in your current relationship.
couple 5 Reasons why you should not bring up your ex with your new partner
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Moving on from a bad break up or a long term relationship can be tough and it leaves its marks. The remnants of a long term relationship last longer and are often difficult to forget. The flashbacks seem quite real and even though you force yourself to move on, sometimes the memories just come flooding back. It is normal to go through the withdrawal symptoms of the past relationship, but it is not normal to bring up your past life to your present and ruin a possible future potential. 

Talking about your ex in the early stage of your new relationship can often lead to drama and fuel insecurities withing your new partner. It leads to comparisons, doubts, insecurities and distancing. None of this is required in the early stage of a new relationship. These are the reasons why you should never bring up your ex with your new partner.

1. It is a bad conversation starter

Talking about your ex as an excuse to start a conversation seems like a stupid idea. There are many topics to know what your common interests are and you should rather be focused on them. Ask them about their likes and dislikes or what movies they like to watch if you want to keep the conversation casual.

2. It leads to comparisons

Talking about your ex draws certain comparisons between your old fling and your current partner. They will soon start to notice the similarities and that is something you would want to avoid if you want to lead a happy relationship. When you mention your ex, your current partner might start to think they’re not good enough for you.

3. They will think you still haven’t moved on

If you are talking about your ex in your current relationship, your partner might assume that you are still not over them even if you are. Nobody wants to get involved with someone who is so hung up on their ex.

4. It could be a major turn off

It sure is a major turn off if you are talking about your ex in the first meeting or even in the initial stage of a relationship. Your partner might think that you are petty or still hung up on your ex and this can be an unattractive quality they dislike about you.

5. Oversharing is always a bad idea

Oversharing tiny details about your past ex is a sign of immaturity. Your current partner doesn’t need to know the exact details of your past and certainly not so soon unless they ask. Remember, less is always more.

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