5 relationship tips that are sure to help teenage boys

Everything is exciting and crazy when you are a teenager.
Love & Relationships,teenage,relationship tips 5 relationship tips that are sure to help teenage boys
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When it comes to dating, all teenage boys are confused as to how to go about it. Well, it’s complicated but an exciting part of your life. Teenage years are the most memorable ones. Dating in your teenage years is a beautiful feeling. We all experience lives and make mistakes. Every guy wants to be a good boyfriend to their crush. With hundreds of tips from your friends, you might be confused how to get the girl of your dreams. Have a look at these tips to know how to attract her.


How you behave says a lot about you. Show good manners and be polite. Courtesy and respect helps you move to next step faster. For instance, hold the door for her. Respect her goals and for whom she is.

Be yourself

Do not try and change your personality for her. Be the person you are naturally. She should be attracted to you for your real self. Don’t change your behavior because you think she might like you that way. It is always beneficial later if your crush likes you for who you are.

Start a conversation

Strike a conversation which is meaningful. Share your thoughts and interests. You might find a similar interest which may help you to bond faster. You have to put in more efforts. Don’t brag about yourself. Also be a good listener. Give your crush a chance to speak and don’t make the conversation about you.

Friends first

You need to be friends first with her before starting a relationship. This helps you know her better before committing yourself. Find someone you enjoy with, someone with similar interests and thoughts and know her as much as you can.

Date for the right reasons

Don’t date a girl because everyone around you is dating one. Look for a healthy relationship and a relationship which has purpose. Don’t do it because it is cool. Be mature and look for the right person.

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