5 Signs which show that HE is taking you for GRANTED

If you are in a relationship with a guy who takes you for granted, and you probably know it deep down, but refuse to accept it, remember this, where there is a will, there is a way.
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The love between you and your partner might be very deep and real, but even so, it is possible for your partner to not appreciate certain things you do on a daily basis to make his life a little easier. If you feel like your significant other is taking you for granted, then it is high time you have ‘the talk’ or even a re-evaluation of the relationship, if it's not well received. Here are 7 signs that it is time for the above-mentioned girls!


He tunes you out when you talk

He completely tunes you out when you start talking about anything, especially when it has something to do with your relationship. When a guy is taking you for granted, he is not interested in anything you have to say. Even when the two of you are together, he is only physically present, but he never actually pays attention to what you have to say. According to him, whatever you are talking about is rarely relevant, so there is no need for him to focus. It is simple! You are not important to him as you should be and he shows this unconsciously by his lack of interest in you.

He doesn't appreciate you

Although you never ask for constant gratitude, it would be nice to know that the other person appreciates everything you have given to him. But, this guy acts completely the opposite. He doesn’t respect you as a person or anything you do for him and for your relationship, that is a clear sign he is taking you for granted. Some guys aren't great at compliments or communicating their feelings, but if you actually can't remember the last time he said anything nice about you, run girl run!

You’re not his main priority

Back in the day, you were probably a top priority on his list, but nowadays you’re far from it. He puts everything and everybody ahead of you. He keeps making plans according to his schedule and availability. Also, it doesn't even matter to him when he has to cancel plans with you because one of his friends suddenly decided to throw a party. It is absolutely fine if his family, work and friends top the list, but aren't you supposed to be there too?

He never matches your efforts

When someone is taking you for granted, this person will never match your efforts for your relationship to work. You’ll always be the one to initiate dates, to book trips, to organise holidays, to plan surprises for him and to carry the burden of the entire relationship on your shoulders. Although you keep telling yourself that making your better half happy and seeing him smile is the only reward you need, it’s time to admit you would like to be with someone who at least tries to match your efforts.

You are the first one he comes to when he is in trouble

Even though the man puts you last always, when he's going through some rough patches or is in some kind of trouble, you’ll be the first person he’ll come running to. All these people who top his priority list have suddenly disappeared and you're the only one that’s left! But, instead of appreciating this, the moment he comes back on his feet, he always goes back to his old ways. He knows you’ll always have his back and that is something he counts on. But, when you need him, he’s never around and he always lets you handle your issues on your own.


The last 3 points matches with my situation ??
Shud i leave him ?
What is the solution for this ?

Thank you so much for this !! thank you !

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