5 Signs that it's time to give up on your crush

When you get all nervous and start blushing on seeing someone, you know you have a crush. But, there comes a time when you just can’t keep daydreaming and have to give on them.

Updated on Nov 17, 2020 11:34 AM IST  |  2.1M
5 Signs that it's time to give up on your crush
5 Signs that it's time to give up on your crush
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If you have been an avid reader of romance novels and love watching romcoms, you know how easy it is to develop a crush on someone. Everyone has had their fair share of crushes. Some have turned into actual romances, while others are still in our heads. When you are crushing on someone, you idolise them, you fantasise about them and like everything about them. That’s why it is often said that giving up on a crush is much more difficult than an actual breakup. 
When you have a crush on someone, you spend most of your day trying to figure out their feelings towards you. However, there are times when you know that it won’t happen and it is time to move on. Here are 5 signs to tell you that it is time to move on.
They are seeing someone
If they are in a serious relationship, then it is time for you to give up and move on. Even if in a rare instance, they break up with their partner for you, you still would not be able to trust their level of commitment. 
You start feeling unworthy
Never, ever compromise your self-respect or doubt your self-worth based on how someone treats you. If you start feeling neglected or unworthy because your crush does not pay attention to you, then it is definitely time for you to move on.
They are not right for you
Deep down we all know what we deserve. If you feel that they are not right for you as you both do not share the same values or life goals, then it is time for you to give up on them.
You shed your true identity
If you have changed yourself or have moulded your personality to get your crush to notice you, then it is a definite sign for you to move on. 
They do not know you
If they are not aware of the fact that you exist, or if they do know you but are still oblivious to your presence, it is probably because they are not interested, which is a clear sign for you to move on.
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