5 Signs that show your partner wants to end your relationship

If you spot these signs in your relationship, then its time you yourself a favour and call it quits.
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Being in a relationship isn't always as easy breezy as we might want it to be. Sometimes, it can really feel like things aren't going as well as they once were. It can be super frustrating and annoying when you are in a relationship and you cannot make out if your partner is in a grumpy mood or if he or she is trying to drop hints that they want to call it quits. Leaving someone, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, is a complicated and difficult thing to do regardless of whether or not you fell out of love long ago. Here are 5 signs that your partner has already checked out of your relationship and is trying to let you know by dropping such subtle hints.

They’re distant

They might be sitting right next to you but that's about where the closeness ends. This is one of the most common signs that your partner has lost interest in the relationship. It is not the proximity distance, but the emotional distance is the main villain. Here’s how you can tell, the conversations on the phone gets shorter and infrequent, the type of conversation you have become meaningless and feels like they’re trying to fulfil an obligation etc.

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You are no longer their priority

When one stops having the desire or time to be with you, then you realise that your relationship is in major jeopardy. It feels awful to have someone hanging around you every now and then who isn't really available and is always looking for an out. When you feel like they’re just doing things just for the sake of it and frequently making lame excuses for not spending time with you or to cater to your needs, then you have to understand that it is time to pull the plug.

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They don’t ask about your day

A healthy and happy relationship is all about helping each other out through thick and thin. If all of the sudden the person you are in a relationship with stops caring about what's going on at your work, or things that you enjoy doing, then he or she may be dropping a sign. It is very important to discuss each other’s day, especially in a long-distance relationship. Interest in each other is one thing that makes relationships special, and when a person stops taking interest in what you are doing and stops sharing what they are doing, take the hint that your relationship is heading south.

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You don’t do date nights anymore

Date nights go forgotten or are ignored by your partner. You and your partner stop doing stuff together; ditching the date nights can affect your relationship adversely. All the more, when your partner shows least interest in spending some quality time with you or when they make up lame excuses to avoid meeting you but hangs with his buddies instead can hurt you immensely. Do yourself a favour and get out of the relationship.


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There’s no more future-tripping

Every couple discusses or casually talks about future plans. But when your partner stops joining you in making plans for the future, they might want out. When they refuse to be join you for a friend’s wedding or starts making plans way too well in advance, it shows a definite lack of commitment and that is not good for the relationship.



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