5 Signs your long distance relationship is not working and it’s time to END IT

You don't wanna drag it along.
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Relationships are a part of everyone’s life. When there is a connection between two people it is kind of hard when geography stands in the way. A long-distance relationship is a challenge for any couple how much ever they claim otherwise. It requires maintaining good communication, handling the distance and making compromises for the relationship to sustain.


It is normal to get stuck in a routine in your long-distance relationship, which can make it hard to realise when the relationship is in jeopardy. Here are the 5 indicators that show when a long-distance relationship needs to come to an end. If you can relate to these, then it is time to let go off the emotional and pointless baggage.



Suspicions starts draining your energy

If them not being online for two hours or not picking up your call or replying to your messages puts you in an anxious position and you’re worrying about whether they’re doing something behind your distant back as they know they won’t get caught, means that you have major trust issues. While distance may feel like the obvious culprit in your constant need to check up on your partner, part of the problem most likely lies in your lack of trust. It means that the relationship is too much for you as it feeds on your psychological and emotional well-being.


One of you is jealous when the other is having a good time

Basically, they hate it when you are happy and having fun without them. Lack of physical contact can make people anguished and lead them to build a strong social circle to keep them engaged and distracted. If you or your partner fail to realise why you spend so much time trying to relax and have a life, they should be kept at a distance from your life. This can also lead to build up insecurities and jealousy.


You talk more about irrelevant stuff instead of discussing about your relationship

There is nothing much to talk about. One or two minutes into the conversation and you are met with an awkward silence. Long-distance relationships require a lot of communication to keep them going. It is a major red flag when your significant other stops communicating. Maybe you are afraid to say something that will turn the physical distance into a psychological one. If emotional distance between you two stretches far, then it is an absolute buzz-killer.



You don't feel supported

It may seem like you are the only one fighting against the distance. Every time you talk over a call, it’s all about your partner. Somehow, they always manage to manipulate you into thinking that their situation is more burdensome than yours. When you try to confront your partner and they simply do not acknowledge constructive criticism, it is evident enough that they are not even trying to understand you, and it is time to leave. 


You are drowning in pessimism

Being away from each other, your head is filled with pessimistic thoughts about your relationship. If you’re over analysing every instance of your relationship, predicting betrayal, comparing yourself with other couples who did not make it, or you just don’t believe the two of you will be able to connect again, it is a clear sign your long-distance relationship is far away from its most important element, i.e. optimism.



If you realise that your long-distance relationship isn’t working, the best thing to do is end it. Not all relationships work out, distance or otherwise. Don’t beat yourself up about it. A good thing about breaking up when in a long-distance relationship is that you will not have to deal with seeing your ex on the street!


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WHy are all these weird and pointless articles written with Alia and RK as the title pic ? Is it a click bait or you want to create an impression that they are headed for breakup ? So strange

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