5 Telltale Signs he is a player

If you think that your guy is not as invested as you are in the relationship and feel that he might be taking things too casually, then look out for these 5 telltale signs and know if he is a player.
5 Telltale signs he is a player 5 Telltale signs he is a player
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So you think you have found the man of your dreams? If at times, you feel that he behaves differently with you in public as compared to how he behaves with you in private, or the fact that he never lets you touch his phone makes you alarmed, then think again!


Simply put, a player is someone who is playing with your feelings. He isn’t as serious about the relationship as you are and is merely dating you for cheap thrills. He is not committed to the relationship and is untrustworthy. Look out for these 5 signs to know if your guy is a player.

He doesn’t introduce you to his family


If he is not serious about you or is not interested in a future with you, he will avoid introducing you to his family and will make excuses. 


He is vague about his whereabouts


Whenever you ask him to meet, he simply says that he is busy and never gives any details as to where he is or who he is with. 


You’ve caught him lying to you


More often than not, you have caught him lying to you. In such situations, he has simply tried to cover up his lie by making excuses and has no plausible explanation for his lie.



He has a glad eye


Sure, most guys do have a wandering eye. But if he is a little too interested in other women and tends to suddenly stand away from you when an attractive woman passes by, then chances are that he is a player.


He avoids commitment


Whenever you ask him about his future plans with you or where the relationship is going, he often tries to change the topic and doesn’t really seem interested in taking things to the next level.


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