5 Tricks to convince your cranky girlfriend and melt her down like butter

Updated on Nov 25, 2021 01:16 AM IST  |  115.2K
5 Tricks to convince your cranky girlfriend and melt her down like butter
5 Tricks to convince your cranky girlfriend and melt her down like butter

Are you looking for ways to convince your cranky girlfriend? Or Want to patch up after a big fight? Don't fear when we are here! Now you can convince and make her melt down like butter within seconds. It is the time to end your cold war and reach out to her with these 5 tricks on your mind. Check it out RIGHT AWAY!

1. Surprise her with a box of chocolates and teddy bear

Chocolates are a power house of mood enhancing ingredients. And what if these chocolates carry a tinge of love and romance? With chocolates woo her and with a teddy bear make her feel more than special. Remember! Chocolates and teddy bears are two weaknesses of every girl.


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2. Send her a bouquet of red roses

When you have a fight with your girlfriend, you ought to look for ways to patch things up immediately. Let the temper cool and take the first step of convincing your girlfriend. What’s better than relying on the flowers that disseminate the feelings of love? Send over a bouquet of lovely red roses. Your gesture will poke her and make her realise what she means to you. 


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3. Plan a surprise dinner date by creating an environment of love

Dates ought to be special and a great way to solve things. It is wisely said communication is what makes a relationship work. If you create an environment of love with some canopy decor, you can definitely melt your cranky girlfriend. Her eyes will pop out in amaze after seeing your efforts of prioritising her. 


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4. Hang your favorite memories with LED string lights

You can use these LED string light photo clips to decorate the deck of your car or wall. The photos will calm down the cranky mannerism of your girlfriend post fight in a jiffy. Make her realise how special she is by riding down the memory lane. You can hang photos or messages and try to melt her down like butter. 


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5. Let the couple scrapbook illuminate the fragrance of your love 

Express your feelings and love with the help of a scrapbook. Stick some pictures from your favourite trips, dates, special occasions and confess everything that you feel for her. This is the best way to replace her crankiness to coolness. This scrapbook will be a great token of love that she could treasure forever.


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Which idea do you think will work to the maximum? Now your cranky girlfriend will no more annoy you. Instead she is going to bestow a galore of hugs and kisses upon you. But never forget communication is the oxygen of keeping the spark of a relationship alive. No matter how much you fight, do look for ways to solve things at the earliest. The sooner you wrap up your fights, the better you may feel.


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