5 Virtual date conversation starters to break the ice and charm your way into their heart

When it comes to virtual dating, the way you start a conversation with someone matters a lot. So try some of these conversation starters to get to know them and impress them like a pro.
5 Virtual date conversation starters to break the ice and charm your way into their heart
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When giving online dating a shot, it can be pretty frustrating to not get a reply from that one person you messaged after thinking so much about a fun way to break the ice. In online dating, how you start the conversation and keep it going, is what matters the most.


You need to be witty, sound interested yet casual. Yes, it sounds like quite a task! It can be quite nerve-wracking to start a conversation with a stranger and yet somehow talk as if you know them. So to just strike the right note, we have for you some conversation starters to charm your virtual date.



Assess their profile


So you have swiped right on them and they have too and it’s a match! To start a conversation with them, observe their profile and ask something related to their profile that amuses or impresses you.


Talk about what’s common


The most common thing you two would easily have is the dating site itself. So ask them about their experiences on the same and tell them about yours.


Use humour


The easiest way to break the ice with someone is with some sense of humour. Be funny and crack a joke or simply state something funny about their profile, but be careful to not offend them!



Ask a question


You can always ask them an open-ended question like ‘Where did they grow up?’ or ‘What do they do in their free time?’ to get to know them a little better and to easily start the conversation.


Be direct


Some people prefer skipping the small talk and coming straight to the point. So if you feel, just be direct with them and ask them out for a cup of coffee since you already know that you two matched and they too are interested in you.


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