5 Ways to forgive your partner when you are hurt and let go of things

Updated on Sep 16, 2020 01:06 PM IST  |  1.3M
5 Ways to forgive your partner when you are hurt and let go of things

People feel bad when they get hurt by your spouse or partner. Often arguments or conflict may lead to serious problems in the relationship as a result, we feel bad and hurt. But we have to understand that conflicts are common in every relationship.

Conflicts will take place in every relationship but partners need to forgive each other and move ahead. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to get back. Hence, you need to follow these tips to forgive your partner and let go of things.

How to forgive your partner after a fight?

1.First, think about the situation why you are getting upset? Why you don’t like this other side of your partner? Then think if you can take responsibility for this whole situation. Thinking about why this happened will help you to find the reason for your upset mood.

2.Understand that you are not only forgiving your partner for the sake of his happiness or your relationship. You are also doing this for your own peace of mind. So don’t neglect your feelings.

3.After all of it, then you'll understand which behaviour of your partner upsets you. Certain behaviour can be changed, but you cannot change an entire personality. You may have to adjust with other things, so it is better to accept them as your partner accepts you also.

4.Try to resolve the problem before going to bed because you two don’t want to sleep while you are angry. But if the problem doesn’t get resolved, then at least try to be normal the next morning. This will help a lot to finish the fight.

5.Anger, sadness, resentment can make you feel lost and you may get unable to have any balance in your relationship. So, don’t let that happen. Always know that you are the controller of your emotions. It will then be easier for you to forgive your partner.

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