5 Ways you can fix an unhealthy relationship

Struggling with a broken relationship? Stuck in the midst without knowing how to fix it? Try these following tips if you’re looking at mending things.
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Nobody likes to be in a bad relationship that is not going anywhere and especially when it drains you out both physically emotionally. Fixing a relationship just doesn't happen overnight. It is an in-depth process but extremely effective. Whether the two of you are on the verge of breaking up, or if you just feel something is amiss and needs to be worked upon, it is very crucial to review how you've contributed to the problem before following the steps to fix it.



First of all, sit down all by yourself and go into a deep introspection. Keep aside your ego and blame game before doing this. While some people can figure out what the problem is with the relationship in detail, some cannot. This might result in anxiety and anger for a bit but figuring out what's wrong by asking yourself will help you better understand the problem you’re facing with relationship.

Accept responsibility

Like healthy relationships, bad relationships are born, fed and nurtured into becoming what they are. So, it is essential you and your partner to figure out how you've contributed to the problem and most importantly accepting the responsibility for your actions. You are expected to give explanations to your intentional actions which may have hurt your partner.


Consider Counselling

There is nothing wrong in seeking help if the two of you think that it is necessary. Couple counselling is quite popular these day and it seems to help a lot of them. Trying to work something out with a third party might help you understand your partner in ways you’ve never thought possible. Perhaps the two of you are going through a rough patch and can’t find the proper way to communicate about it. Relationship counselling can also help you and your partner better understand the problems and move forward.


Adopt new relationship rules

It is always fruitful to replace defeatist actions and thoughts with positive, self-supporting and healthy rules to enable the kind of relationship you've always wanted. Rules like, “We can no longer speak of the past”, “No more blame games”, “Communicate with each other more”, etc. Following the rules you set can transform your broken relationship to a healthy one over time.

Plan a trip together

A change in the scenery can have the most surprising effects on your relationship condition.This can be your way of reconnecting with each other from being total strangers. Just remember, the trip is about rebuilding—you will have to make sure you plan a lot of fun, social activities together to try and create some pleasurable memories together.

Each relationship is different from the other. There are many reasons why a relationship may break. If it’s due to infidelity or lack of trust, being able to move forward can be especially tough. It’s possible to mend a broken relationship, but you also need to ask yourself whether or not it’s worth fixing it in the first place.


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