Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius: 5 Zodiac signs who love to play games with your heart

Is your boyfriend or crush going to break your heart? Are they on the list? Find out
Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius: 5 Zodiac signs who love to play games with your heartGemini, Aries, Sagittarius: 5 Zodiac signs who love to play games with your heart
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‘Quit playin’ games with my heart’ is literally serving as a background score as we write about the Zodiac signs who literally do that!

While our real life is not a music video with boys dancing around in their chiselled bodies, whenever anybody breaks your heart, it’s just soul-crushing. Most of us go through the ‘do they, don’t they’ phase where you just cannot believe that somebody went ahead and actually broke your heart.

There are a few zodiac signs who just love to play games with our hearts, and they do it for different reasons. Some people just do not intend to make things serious while others just like doing it to get attention. No matter what the reason is, breaking someone’s heart is not acceptable. So, here are 5 zodiac signs who play games with the heart - intentionally or even unintentionally.



Aries is a bright star but he gets bored very easily. So if you are in a relationship with him, there’s a great chance that he will start playing games with you if you are not vigilant. By playing games, they just think that they are spicing up a boring relationship. But little does he know how it is affecting your heart.



Well, if you are surprised to see a Gemini on the list, you really shouldn’t be. Do not forget that this sneaky little devil has a dual personality so. The problem with a Gemini is that he cannot stay with one person for a very long time and hence becomes restless. His second personality just starts playing games in order to entertain itself. 



Well, we all know that a Sagittarius cannot be tied down and he likes to make that fact pretty evident every now and then. Now, he will play games with your heart just because he does not take relationships too seriously. It is just a part of their lives and does not put in too much effort. 



Aquarius is one of the most emotionally distant signs and loves to play games like a cat with a string.they can do it pretty easily because of a kind of person they are. They can break up with you pretty easily because they are not someone who deals with words and tears but instead wants to be your friend later. 



Pisces, overthink everything so at one point he thinks he is totally in love with you and at other, he totally regrets being with you. He’s sometimes hot and sometimes cold. And yes, he is playing games with your heart and his own heart too.

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