6 Common myths about narcissistic abuse in a relationship

Updated on Aug 05, 2020 03:16 PM IST  |  870K
6 Common myths about narcissistic abuse in a relationship
6 Common myths about narcissistic abuse in a relationship

Many people are still dealing with narcissistic abuse in their relationship. People are always conscious of because it leaves severe impact on our mind and emotions. When a person becomes the victim of narcissistic abuse, then he or she may find certain issues in them like attachment issues, problems in making decisions, addiction problems, anxiety, people-pleasing behaviour, low self-esteem, perfectionist traits, self-destructive behaviour, etc.

So, it’s always better to be aware before someone gets victimised by it. But often some victims stay in complete denial relying on some myths regarding narcissistic abuse.

Myths about narcissistic abuse:

1- One of the biggest myths is that abuse can only be physical. That’s absolutely wrong. Abuse can be physical, emotional and verbal as well. Some of the psycho-emotional narcissistic abuse includes criticism, shaming, blaming, judgement, etc.

2- Next myth is that narcissistic people cannot control themselves when they get overwhelmed. In reality, these people are absolutely aware of their negative behaviour. They know what is wrong and right. They can tackle their toxic behaviour, but they won’t do it.

3- Third one is if there are happy times, then it’s not abuse. Well, these people will be toxic when they feel threatened or challenged. As long as their needs are fulfilled, they will be nice.

4- Narcissistic people had a tough childhood which made them like this. But their toxic behaviours cannot be justified by it. Some people may have a disturbed childhood, but they all didn’t turn into a narcissistic. These people just take advantage of other’s vulnerabilities.

5- It’s another myth that everything is fine and this can only happen to others. Narcissistic people will always manipulate others mind to make them believe that everything is normal. There is nothing wrong in the relationship. They will make the victim realise maybe they are wrong.

6- The last one is that it’s very easy to get out of such a situation. It’s not like that. Often victims isolate themselves from their family and friends. So, they cannot easily escape the situation.

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