6 Factors that create an instant attraction between two people

11 months ago  |  1M
6 Factors that create an instant attraction between two people

Have you ever thought about why some people are attracted to you while others are not? Whenever you see that person, there’s always a spark or that drags you towards him or her. And that’s why one particular person clicks for us over someone else. There are certain factors that one person always seems to like, that fits just right with their personality. 


Those factors are quite common but they play a major role in creating that spark between two persons. And these actually help you to feel attracted to someone. 


Read below to know what factors create instant attraction among some people.



Closeness is one of the most basic things that creates instant attraction between two people. People who are geographically closer to you tend to be attracted to you the most. 



Two people with similar likings tend to attract each other a lot. It doesn’t define the longevity of a relationship though. 



You get attracted to those people who make you feel good and happy. And when you are happy then you like other people as well. So, eventually, the spark is created. 



When our potential partners seem difficult to catch or out of our league, then we are more attracted to them and try harder to get their attention. 



You might have heard that confidence is everything and this is one of the factors as well. We tend to get attracted to those who seem to be extremely confident about themselves. 



Our hormones are also responsible to some extent to create attraction. Pheromones or the sense of smell is also partly responsible for determining attraction. Higher levels of oxytocin and dopamine may also increase the level of attraction.

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