6 Helpful ways to not fall in love but RISE in love

Love is an emotion that is so powerful yet so consuming. It is a feeling that binds us all leaves us wanting for more. In this era of modern dating where virtuality wins over reality, here are simple ways to save you from falling deeply in love and instead, rising with the one you love.
couple holding hands 6 Helpful ways to not fall in love but RISE in love
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In a world that is constantly consumed with feelings of sadness, competitiveness and jealousy, it is easy to lose trust in relationships and neglect the feelings of love, an emotion that is as pure as snow. It is an irony that when we relate to love, we think of jealousy, negativity and toxicity that comes with it. Whereas, we need to change our perspective and start looking at love as a feeling that binds us all, unites us into oneness and gives us a sense of happiness and joy to build something together.

We could all agree that falling in love does damage you over a period of time, you lose a sense of your identity and your personality traits change according to the preference of your partner. If there are certain qualities that your partner dislikes about you and doesn’t approve of, you change yourself for their approval and for them to like you. There are a million ways to go wrong with this approach because love does not teach you that. Two people in a relationship come together to share their space with the feeling of love as two individuals who love 100 per cent of you and that’s why you decided to stick together. If you do not love 100 per cent of someone, you do not deserve their love and it’s as simple as that. Loving should be as easy as breathing, and it should evoke feelings of joy, happiness and positivity. You should be able to balance your professional life while maintaining a healthy relationship.

While there are many signs that falling in love leads to signs of codependency, losing yourself, jealousy, and negative thoughts that are bad for your mental health, here are few tips on how to save yourself from falling in love and instead, rising in love with your better half.

1. Embrace the flaws

Accept that each individual human being is as complex as you are and we are built differently. The idea of perfection is an illusion and it is better to have flaws that make us more humane. It is important to accept each other’s flaws and not judge them on basis of that. You should be more progressive and open minded with your approach and understanding of someone’s behaviour. 

2. Learn to give each other space to grow individually

Allow yourself to grow individually and try to detach yourself from time to time. This gives you the space to grow mentally and not lost yourself over and over again. It gives you a perspective from your eyes and you will always feel the need to stick to your ground and fall in love tremendously. 

3. Value their opinions

No matter how contradictory your opinions are from each other, it is important to remind yourself that they are allowed to be different and it does not matter if they don’t coincide with your opinions. This will ensure that there are no conflicts or heated arguments and you will always learn something new.

4. Appreciate your partner more often

One compliment goes a long way and it takes no effort to compliment the one you love. Appreciate your better half and make them feel special sometimes, pay attention to small details and use words that evoke good vibes, this will ensure that happiness stays intact and good energy flows within the relationship.

5. Have the willingness to learn from each other

Last but not the least, it is all about learning from each other. Think of it as an opportunity to knowing someone new in your life and growing with that person. You get to learn a new perspective towards things and take it as learning. You can ask them about their favourite sport, favourite shows and other likes and get to know them.

6. Combine your daily chore activities

By doing this, you get to spend more time with them and make your daily chores productive and fun. List out all the activities that you can combine and enjoy doing together. It could be working out, cooking, shopping or eating meals together and discussing ideas.

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