6 ICONIC Animated friends who teach you lessons & the value of friendship

Updated on Jul 30, 2021 10:12 AM IST  |  191K
6 ICONIC Animated friends who teach you lessons & the value of friendship

An extension of ourselves in some sense, our friends only enrich our lives further. They make our days better, help cheer us up and are there for us when we feel low and always have our backs.

But it is not just our real friends who teach us lessons and have our backs when we need them. Reel friends on animated shows too, have been giving us friendship goals like no other. From Tom and Jerry to Ben and Gwen, here are our favourite friendship from shows that are an inspiration, have stood all odds, fought battles and stuck together.   
Tom and Jerry
The legendary show that shows the constant chase between Cat and Mouse, are two of the iconic characters when it comes to cartoons. Their naughtiness, playfulness, constant fights and the genuine concern for one and other have kept us hooked for years! Catch up on your favourite cartoon this friendship day, with your BFFs.

Badrinath and Buddhadeb
For any kid of today, their best friend in the comic world will surely be the friendship between Badrinath and Busshadeb from Bandbudh aur Budbak. This quirky duo is always caught up in some adventure that ends up getting them into trouble at their school. At the same time, they teach us honesty, loyalty, trust and support while constantly encouraging each other's crazy ideas! Not just the kids, they want to make even us adults relive our school days!

Ekans and Chiku
The newest friends in town on Cartoon Network's first-ever Indian sci-fi action comedy, do everything from studying to solving challenges and obstacles together. The Ekans - Ek Se Badhkar Snake duo always have each other's backs as well. While Chiku is mischievous, Ekans always has his friend's back and is always there when needed. Sounds like the base for lifelong friends to us!

Ben and Gwen
In our list of friendships, we can't miss out on Ben and Gwen who truly make an amazing team together. From bickering and arguing to becoming so attached that they are almost inseparable, the Ben 10 duo have a genuine concern for each other and make the sassiest team when it comes to fighting evil. They go on so many adventures we'd like to hop on too with our best friends!

Titoo and Golu
Showing us that siblings can be best friends too, Titoo and Golu make for the perfect over-protective brother and troublemaker younger brother duo. Just like our older brothers, Golu too happily faces the consequences of Titoo's doings. The Titoo - Har Jawaab Ka Sawaal Hu duo makes us appreciate our siblings more!

Chhota Bheem and Chutki
One of the most extraordinary friendships has to be between Chota Bheem's lead characters - Bheem and Chutki. They not only have fun while making the bad guys pay for their destruction but also have fun, uplift each other and make each other stronger while bringing out the best version of themselves. The basis of every iconic friendship these two have!

Who are your favourite animated best friends? Comment below and let us know.

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