6 Not So Obvious Signs That Prove Your Guy Is Losing Interest In You

Things are going well one second and the next you are wondering what went wrong and how you missed the signs. Well, here are some not so obvious signs that tell you all about how a guy loses interest.
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You know the terrible feeling that you have when you know something is wrong in your relationship but you can't quite put a finger on it? You are doing everything you possibly can to hold his interest, but he is just not having it. You can feel your man slipping away. Gone are the days when he was head-over-heels in love with you. It makes you feel miserable and confusing because interest cannot be lost in a flip second. It takes multiple weeks or even months for him to reach this stage.

To save yourself from the trauma, here are some tell-tale signs that your guy is losing interest in you. 

He doesn't ask questions about your life anymore
Things have changed drastically from the earlier days of your relationship when you two would spend nights together talking to each other about everything under the stars. Now, he doesn't bother asking questions or keeps interrupting you to only talk about himself when you are talking. And unlike before, he almost never remembers anything you say. 

He doesn't put in the efforts anymore

There is zero initiative from his side. He doesn't seem to want to plan dates like before, puts no efforts into his appearance and dressing. He just does the bare minimum and clearly isn't interested in keeping you around. He thinks that once he has "got you", his part is done.

He picks fights

A very common thing that most guys follow is that they pick fights very often when they lose interest. It could be their way of getting under your skin and trying to hurt you to get you to break up with him instead. He is doing his best to push you away and is doing everything you hate, just to get you to fight with him. 

He doesn't want sex
If your man isn't interested in being sexually active with you, it is definitely a sign that he is losing interest in you. There might be ways to spice things up and bring his interest back, but if he isn't interested in you as a person, the sex is not going to tempt him as much, and it might end up becoming a case of him being with you only for the sex. 

You don't laugh anymore

In the initial stages of the relationship, it is all about pleasing the other person and doing anything to make them laugh. The line "hasee toh phasee" is all about that. But once the relationship becomes old, things tend to become stale once you get to know each other. All the conversations are now mundane and completely humourless so much so that having a simple conversation with him has become a chore.

There is no progression
There is absolutely no discussion of a future together what so ever. You have not even met his acquaintances, forget his closes friends and family. The momentum of the relationship is almost nil and you feel like it might come to a halt anytime soon. If you feel like things are coming to a halt, they probably are. It is time to listen to your gut. 


looks like katrina wrote this about her and rk relationship. talking about experience

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