6 Signs that show your partner has a history of a toxic relationship

Updated on Jun 05, 2020 12:11 PM IST  |  1.1M
6 Signs that show your partner has a history of a toxic relationship

It is said that people should not bother about someone’s past, especially of our partner’s. But sometimes, it’s needed to get a clear idea about their past. As it may affect both of you and haunt your present as well. This will eventually damage your relationship with everyone. The situation becomes intense when it affects our love life.

It’s not possible for you to know every detail of your partner from his past. So, how do you know if has been in a toxic relationship earlier? Just observe if your partner has the following signs. Read on to know them below.

Signs to observe if your partner has been in a toxic relationship:

1-  Opening up slowly is fine during the initial stage. But if your partner is unable to open up for a long time, then there is something wrong. He may be hiding something.

2-  They can angry quickly about anything. If they have been in a toxic relationship, it has made them emotionally quite frustrated. As a result of this, they have been sensitive to everything and can become emotional very easily. But anger cannot be handled every time.

3-  They need constant validation. Previous toxic relationship has made them insecure about themselves due to which they need a lot of validation in their current relation.

4-  They cannot trust you easily and want proof every time. Well, trust is the basic requirement in a relationship to make it strong. So, if your partner has trust issues, the root of the bonding is in danger.

5-  The previous factor has made them secretive as well. The toxic experiences have made them highly protective about their personal space and individuality. So, they tend to hide things from their current partner to avoid conflicts. But hiding things away from partner also damages a relationship.

6-  They will never admit their secrets. When a toxic relationship has affected someone’s mind, they tend to point towards you for every mistake. But this cannot be the case always. We all can be wrong at some point in our life.

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