6 Signs which show that your partner is CHEATING on you

If any of these signals sound familiar to you, then you have caught your partner red-handed my friend!
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You know when your partner gets all sneaky and starts acting super weird. It is never good to jump to conclusions, but if the red flags are there, you’ll want to start taking them into consideration and deciding where to go with your relationship. There are some definite signs which show that he/she maybe cheating on you.

Becomes disconnected

When your partner becomes disconnected from you and the relationship, there is definitely something wrong. He starts drawing away from you for some reason and maybe doing so because he wants out as there is someone else on the side. Emotional disconnect is a huge sign that your partner might be cheating.

There is physical evidence

You found a female’s hairband in his car that definitely doesn't belong to you or he came back with another woman’s scent, make-up smudges on his shirt, etc. No matter what it is, when physical evidence comes into the equation, there is no doubt that something is going on.

You’ve caught him in lies

Once you catch someone lying to you, you lose a good amount of trust in them; even if you try your best to practice forgiveness, you can never fully trust that person again, especially when it is your significant other. If you ever notice a trend with your man lying to you about certain things, he maybe hiding something bigger than you think, so be cautious girls.

He’s going out solo a lot more

Once upon a time, weekends used to be your time together with him. Now, it has become nights when he heads out and hits up the pubs with the guys or so he tells you! If he seems like spending more night out of town or just by himself, especially avoiding your company or making sure you’re staying back, then you have to be careful.

Provocative texts on his phone

This is one of the easiest signs. You don't have to be a serial snooper to catch your partner in the act. If you've somehow stumbled upon or purposefully looked for signs of him straying on his phone, make a note of it and ask him. If he gives out a reasonable explanation, then let it go, but keep an eye on things. If he is dancing around his words and outlandish excuses, then that’s your cue.

Your intuition giving you hints

Last but not the least, your gut feeling or intuition is never wrong. When your partner might be cheating on you, women usually get those feelings for a good reason. Clearly, there is something wrong now that you are doubting his sincerity to you. The second you feel that the intuition is getting stronger, you’re more than likely thinking right. With enough proves, confront. But, do not overreact.

  • There are some other signs which you need to look out for :
  • He takes his phones with him every time he goes to the washroom.
  • You haven't met a lot of his friends even though you hang out with him a lot.
  • You never know where he is.
  • He never texts you back immediately but is active on the platform.
  • He freaks out when you pick up his phone to check something innocuous.


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