6 Smart ways to get a guy to notice you

Are you unable to get a guy’s attention whom you want to date? Then you need to follow these subtle ways to get him to notice you. Read on to know them.
6 Smart ways to get a guy to notice you6 Smart ways to get a guy to notice you
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Women feel bad when they go unnoticed by a guy whom like a lot. But trying hard to get his attention would seem to be too intentional. So, you should get his attention in a smart way so that it will not look obvious. It can be very disappointing for not being able to get the guy you like the most.

Even if you are even ready to commit now, he has to give attention to you. So, here are some smart ways to get a guy’s attention whom you want to date.

How to get someone’s attention on you?

1-  You have to be extremely confident irrespective of your looks in front of the guy because confidence is everything.

2-  Everyone loves to be around a funny person. So, if you have the right sense of humour, then he will notice you easily.

3-  A girl with a positive outlook towards life is always appreciated. So, talk to the guy about your goal. Show him how much you are driven to reach your aim. This reveals your positive personality, which is attractive.

4-  A guy feels confident when he can help you or give you a solution for things. So, show him that you want his help. This will boost his ego.

5-  We always aim for high standards. People want to attract a person who has high standards. So, try to be that kind of person. Be happy with your life, family, friends and work. Show him you have your own life. And most importantly, you embrace yourself and love to spend alone time.

6-  We all like to be validated. And that’s why you need to compliment the guy to make him feel boosted. But don’t overdo with fake praises be genuine.

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