6 Sure shot signs your partner will never commit to you

Almost everyone wants commitment after a certain point in a relationship. But what if your partner is not ready to commit? Read on to know the signs that they will probably never commit to you.
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Has it been months since you started seeing each other but you don’t know where this relationship is going? Well, you’re not alone. While there is nothing better than finding that one person who you see spending the future with, but it can be daunting if that person doesn’t show an avid interest in committing to you. It is not uncommon for people to avoid long-term commitments. These things happen quite happen, which is why you should watch out for signs that tell you that the person you’re dating is not in it for the long run. 

We understand putting your heart on the line and expecting commitment from a partner who doesn’t seem to be interested in the idea can be gut-wrenching. If you have been questioning yourself if your partner is the one, then read on. We have listed down some of the common signs that show that your partner might never commit to you. 

9 tell-tale signs your partner will never commit to you. 

You don’t know anything real about them 

When someone is committed, they don’t shy away from letting you into their world and show their vulnerability. They share with you their dreams, fears, hopes, motivation, etc. If you guys spend plenty of time talking to each other but they haven’t discussed this, chances are they might never. 

They cancel on you all the time

This one is a no-brainer – if he is flaking on you, he is not serious about you. When someone is serious to be with someone, they make sure they follow through with what they said.

There is no emotional connection 

Everyone likes to have fun in a relationship. But if your partner always takes things lightly and doesn’t try to understand you emotionally or open up to you, then it is a sign that your partner doesn’t want to commit. 

They are more interested in sexual relation

Commitment requires more than just having sexual intimacy. There are other important things like emotional intimacy, sharing each other’s deepest thoughts, and more. Someone who thinks only about sex and doesn’t care about bonding on a deeper level is definitely not going commit, now or ever. 

They don’t want to introduce you to their family or friends 

It might not be easy for everyone to take this step a few weeks into the relationship, but if they don’t mention it even after months – you’re probably wasting your time. You can try talking to them but if they dodge the question or try to make excuses, that should be reason enough to leave. 

They don’t discuss the future, ever 

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is planning the future together. If your partner’s future plans don’t include you, chances are this isn’t a permanent thing and your partner isn’t ready to commit. 

They avoid the relationship conversation

If you clear about what you want from the relationship, let them know and ask them how they feel about it. If they blatantly avoid the question or change the subject, you can presume that they are not in it for the long run. 

They told you they are not looking for a relationship 

Even the most sorted people overlook this red flag. If your partner tells you in the beginning that they aren’t looking for anything serious, then chances are they will never do it. It is better to accept the truth now than be forced to after a few months of dating. Either way, you will experience heartbreak, but parting ways after a few months together will hurt you more. 

He lies to you 

Do you think his stories don’t add up? If you’re constantly catching him lying to you or denying something, then there is something suspicious. And if lies mount up as you confront them, then there is no reason why you should be in the relationship. After all, trust is one of the most important part of any relationship. 

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