6 Telltale signs your partner might have a history of unhealthy relationships

Is your partner controlling or keeps too many secrets from you? Chances are they have had a history of unhealthy relationships. Here are 6 signs to help you recognize the same.
relationship tips,unhealthy relationships,toxic relationship 6 Telltale signs your partner might have a history of unhealthy relationships
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Relationships change. Sometimes they grow and sometimes they crash and burn. We never know what the future holds when we first enter a relationship. One of the worst problems that ruin a relationship is the toxicity that leads to monumental breakage to people and families. But what if the person with you is the centre of all problems. It’s not easy to determine if the person you’re with is toxic or has a history of an unhealthy relationship, especially if they don’t open up to you.

While it can be difficult, it is not impossible to find out about their past. No, we are not saying you should stalk or scrutinize your partner. But some sure-shot signs might indicate that your partner has had a history of a toxic past that might be keeping them from doing their best in this relationship. If you’re someone who has the same doubts, keep reading on. 

Here are 7 possible signs your partner has had a history of unhealthy relationships. 

1. They don’t open up to you 

Everyone takes their time to open up to somebody but they do so eventually. If your partner finds it difficult to open up even after months or the intimacy is growing at a slow pace, chances are that they’ve faced some problems in the past which is making them wonder if this relationship is safe. If that is the case, your partner needs to seek help. You can be their support system through all of this. 

2. They have a short temper 

Not being able to handle conflicts, having a short temper or a bad attitude are all signs that your partner may have experienced or done the same things in the past. Prior history of invalidations might be the culprit here. In order to find the cause, you need to communicate with each other and try to resolve conflict. However, this doesn’t mean that they get angry at you unnecessarily or throw a fit at you. 

3. They need validation to make sure you care about them 

If your partner has a pervasive need for validation even when things are fine in the relationship, that is another telltale sign you should look out for. Being understanding is important but not to the point where they start showing unhelpful habits. This might seem sweet in the beginning that they want reassurance because they care, but it won’t sustain in the long run. 

4. They don’t trust you 

Does your significant other question you every time you go out with friends or have to stay late for work? Are they always accusing you of lying or cheating? This behaviour shows that instead of controlling their emotions, they are trying to control you. Address the problem but if they still behave the same way, it is time you get out of the relationship. 

5. They keep secrets 

On the other hand, it can be equally stressing if your partner is keeping secrets from you. For someone who has been in a toxic relationship, it is normal to be excessively protective about themselves. However, it is something they have to overcome personally. All you can do is support them in their journey. 

6. They are taking forever to commit 

One of the most important things in a relationship is to be on the same page with your partner. While everyone takes their own time to commit in a relationship, they eventually meet at the crossroads with someone they really want to be with. However, if your partner is acting weird even when things are going well, it could be due to a toxic past. 

If these signs ring a bell, then you need to communicate your worries to your partner. If they have experienced an unhealthy relationship, they might take their time to open up. Don’t push them to do something they don’t want to. Be more understanding as long as it doesn’t hurt you and they’re willing to take things forward with you.