6 things men notice in a woman in their first meeting

Ever wondered what is it that men notice in you in the first meeting? Read on to know what it could be.
First date,Love & Relationships,dating tips,First Impression6 things men notice in a woman in their first meeting
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Dating is a tricky game that takes a lot of efforts and patience. After all, you don’t know who you are going to meet. But if you have finally decided to see someone you have been having long conversations with, then it is time to be the best version of yourself. First impression might not be the last impression in general, but it matters in the dating world. If you’re worried what the guy, you’re meeting for the first time will notice in you, then this post might help.

The first step is to be yourself because nobody likes someone who is faking it, which is not that difficult to guess. That’s right, men also notice the little details. They might not be so vocal about the things they notice but they also have a keen eye for things. Apart from your appearance, they might notice other things too like your sense of humour, body language and more. Also, this doesn't mean that every man is the same. Some men might notice your hair, others might be interested in how smart you are. It all depends on the kind of person they are, but there are some common things that they might notice first. 

Without further ado, here is the six things men notice in a woman on their first meeting. 

1. Let’s get this out of the way – physical attributes. The moment you walk in they’ll know how comfortable you are in your skin. So, make sure to wear something comfortable that makes you feel confident.

2. Another obvious one is your smile. Not your crooked teeth or food stuck in between your teeth, but your sincerity and friendliness. A guy might look at it to notice how expressive you are. 

3. Believe it or not, most men notice a woman's hair when they first meet her. Long, healthy hair or a sleek, short haircut is something men find attractive. They pay attention to the care you put in to maintain your hair. 

4. Grown men don’t try to sneak a peek; they look into your eyes during a conversation. ‘Eyes are the mirror to one’s soul’ and a guy will never miss noticing as your eyes speak more than what words can convey. 

5. Your sense of style matters. Whether you wear high heels, flats or put on a lot of makeup or just mascara – your personal style tells a man a lot about your personality. They might not know which brand you’re wearing, but they will definitely notice how well you carry an outfit. 

6. Lastly, your confidence. There is nothing more attractive in a person than confidence. If you carry your confidence like a crown, it will never go unnoticed by men. 

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