6 Ways to gently reject someone who has a crush on you

Updated on May 08, 2020 12:50 PM IST  |  7.1M
6 Ways to gently reject someone who has a crush on you
6 Ways to gently reject someone who has a crush on you

Rejecting someone is not easy all. You have to be gentle and nice to that person because after all, you are going to break their heart and hurt them. But if someone has a crush on you and the feeling is not mutual then you have to decline that person. But breaking someone’s heart doesn’t mean you have to friendzone them. It should be nice and gentle so that they don’t feel insulted.

That person can be anyone from your close friends or colleagues who has feelings for you. So, breaking their heart can also damage sometimes damage your relationship. Hence, you have to be careful while handling the situation. Read below to know how you can say NO to the person who has got a crush on you.

Here's how to reject someone who develops feelings for you without being harsh:

1-  Just be honest with your feelings without exaggerating. Though it’s hurtful to listen to the truth, people always appreciate honesty. So, just open up about your true feelings and be courteous while saying it.

2-  When expressing the truth doesn’t work, try to maintain a distance. If he is your close friend, then hang out in the group, but don't get yourself cornered by that person.

3-  Don’t try to console her with regular conversations and complements if you have broken her feelings. This may make her more emotionally vulnerable. Rather give her some space to heal.

4-  Don’t drag things out too much. If you want to say no, then do it right then. He will hope for a positive answer if you make him wait for too long. Then, the heartbreak will be more intense for him to bear.

5-  Show your maturity and respect to the person. Don’t just say no on the phone call or text or e-mail. Do it in person and in a private place. Everyone feels ashamed of getting rejected in public.

6-  Don’t go with fabricated stories to give reasons for your rejection. He will be more hurt to find the truth. Rather, just say what actually is going on your mind.


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