6 Ways to manage toxic relationships when you’re stuck at home

Spending every minute of the day at home has altered the way we perceive things. It is even more difficult for people to manage toxic relationships when they are stuck at home. Read on to know tips that might help you manage your relationship.
Love & Relationships,toxic relationship,covid 19 6 Ways to manage toxic relationships when you’re stuck at home
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Isn’t it amazing how you meet someone and fall in love? Relationships are beautiful, but not when they turn toxic. Dealing with a toxic partner is never a walk in the park as it can affect your energy and damage your self-esteem. It becomes even more difficult when you are stuck at home, unable to limit your contact with the one toxic member of the family. 

The microscopic villain, Covid-19 has changed our lives in the worst way possible. And it can be worse for people going through these tough times with a partner who isn’t even there to support them. If you’re stuck at home with a toxic partner during such difficult times, you don’t need to feel trapped by anxiety or stress. Try to recognize the signs and work on yourself in any way you can. 

Here are some ways to help manage toxic relationships when you’re stuck at home. 

1- Everyone gets frustrated or angry in a relationship. You need to recognize the emotional and physical signals and face them. Suppressing these emotions will lead to pent up feelings, and it can take a toll on your mental health. So, let it out. 

2- One mistake almost all of us make is make assumptions. Even though we all make assumptions, they can be draining and toxic. It is important not to make assumptions in a relationship to avoid confusion. The person you’re dealing might not even know that their behaviour is affecting you negatively. 

3- The next step is talking to them and clearing the air. Talk to that person confidently with a gentle tone. But don’t get worked up. Yes, it is easier said than done, but you need to be calm while approaching your partner if you want to restore the peace in the relationship. 

4- If it’s possible, give yourself some space by moving into a room with a lock or going on the terrace for a while to get away and calm down. When the person is emotionally or verbally abusive, try to contact a family member or friend or services that provide immediate help. 

5- These are tough times, and you need to preserve your mental health as much as you can, so make sure you are careful of what you say or do. Set some boundaries for yourself to avoid being triggered by any situation that makes you go out of control. 

6- Be verbal about your boundaries. Let them know that they should respect your boundaries, and if they can’t do that, you will have to take strict actions against them. If need be, you should definitely reach out for help, especially if you will feel violated in any way. 

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