6 Weird habits that might make your relationship last longer

Ever wondered if your relationship is capable of lasting a lifetime? Your relationship may last longer if you have these 6 weird things in common with your partner.
relationship tips,long term relationship,lasting relationship 6 Weird habits that might make your relationship last longer
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Sometimes, you may meet someone and find that there is an instant connection you can’t deny. There is instant chemistry you feel which is difficult to explain in words, isn’t it? You feel a certain way like you have never felt before. Of course, couples stay together because they mirror each other in one way or another. But for some couples, it is every day, simple commonalities that make their relationship last a lifetime. 

Simple commonalities may not seem important at first, but they may be the key to making your relationship last. While having mutual interests and hobbies will help you make your relationship stronger, it is the little weird things you have in common with your partner that may make your bond last longer. 

Your relationship is more likely to last if you have these 6 weird things in common with your partner. 

1- It may seem odd but moving at the same pace in the relationship may be the best thing for you two as the days progress. 

2- Are you guys travellers or homebodies? Your relationship may be smoother if you both enjoy either the same spirit of travelling or the idea of sitting at home watching Netflix. 

3- Do you have similar hygiene habits? It can be difficult for a hygienic person to live with a person who doesn’t mind dishes piled up in the sink or dirty clothes strewn over the floor. It may seem a weird thing to consider, but small every day things lead to messy fights in relationships. 

4- Having a similar sense of humour goes a long in a relationship. If you’re dating a person who loves playing pranks or is sarcastic when you are not into either can cause trouble in paradise. Not being able to understand each other’s jokes is not the best thing for a relationship as it will lead to unnecessary problems. 

5- You are OK with their bad habits like forgetting things, never making the bed or being too obsessed with cleaning. If you are able to adjust to each other’s lifestyle without letting it impact your daily life then you may last longer as a couple. 

6- Regardless of how long it has been, you guys have a positive image of each other in your minds. Long-term couples tend to share a favourable view of each other in their minds.

With that said, there is no specific formula to make it last longer unless you are willing to work on your relationship together.

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