7 Reasons why you are still hung up on your EX

Moving on is not easy as we all know it, but necessary. Moving on from a past relationship is an important process of healing yourself emotionally and looking forward to a better future, one with good memories. Here is the reason why you still seem to be stuck up on your ex and moving on is getting difficult.
ex 7 Reasons why you are still hung up on your EX
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It’s been a while since you broke up and you still seem to be hung up on your ex, getting emotionally choked as soon as their name comes up in a conversation or on your screen. That’s a normal feeling to incur as moving on isn’t time bound, it can take years to completely get over someone and the feelings attached.

Sometimes, you have to gather all the courage and go against the force of nature to naturally give them a call or catch up over a coffee just because you might think you are over them, the reality is that you’re not and you’re still looking for a chance to meet them and be in touch in hopes of getting back together.

Well, the harsh reality is that you are better off without your ex and there is a reason why they are not part of your lives anymore. The sooner you come in acceptance with the reality, the better it is. It takes a while to come back to normality, but you will soon get there. The important part is to not give up and have faith that things will be better in the times ahead.

If you’re wondering why it is taking you longer to move on then here are a few reasons to tell you why.

Not getting a closure

It is very rare that you get closure and most relationships end up abruptly or without a parting note leaving bittersweet memories. It is normal to not get closure and in such situations, it is best to ignore all the reasons why it ended and how it ended. The main part is that it did and you need to focus on moving on and blocking away all the negativity by not overthinking and overanalysing everything.

Being impatient

The most important thing to remind yourselves is that it takes time and you need to be patient with yourself. Moving on is not easy and you need to take as much time as you can in the process. You cannot shut yourself away from all those emotions, you need to process them with all your time and focus on the best.

Social media stalking

Going back and forth by checking up on them online and on social media isn’t going to help either. You spend most of your days stalking them, checking what they are up to and who they’re meeting is not only going to send your thoughts into a spiral of emotions, but it is definitely going to remind you of them and your times together making it difficult for you to forget them and move on. 

Thinking about a reunion

You need to stop idolising a reunion in your head. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. Thinking about that day constantly is not going to make them come back. It will only make you want them more and wish for things to get back to normal which is a possible reunion. 

Your surroundings remind you of them

If you had common friends, a common neighbourhood or certain activities that you did together then it is bound for you to be difficult to move on. You need to break away from the pattern and discard things that might remind you of them.

No break in communication

One of the most important things to do as soon as you break up with someone is to break all communication with them. Being in constant touch will make it difficult to get past the feelings and emotions attached to that person. 

Not being able to emotionally distance yourself

Another important step that you should do is to emotionally distance yourself in all aspects. By not being able to do this, you are jeopardising your future relationships and letting your past haunt you.

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