7 Signs prove that you are in a rebound relationship

We often get into a relationship just to forget the pain of a breakup. This is not a normal relationship because this is considered to be a rebound one. Check out the signs of rebound.relationship.
7 Signs prove that you are in a rebound relationship
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It’s really tough to deal with a heartbreak and recover from it. It’s a combined feeling of sadness, confusion, regret and anger. So, when we experience heartbreak, we try our best to find a way to get over with sorrow. People may often sometimes take a counselling session to deal with their sadness. Because often, people may experience severe depression from it. But there are many who get over with it by starting a rebound relationship.

What is a rebound relationship? It is considered to be an easy way to get healed from a damaged relationship. People get involved with another bonding quickly to forget the pain. They may consider it true love but it’s just being used as a balm to deal with the breakup. There are certain signs that can say if you are in a rebound relationship or not. And if you can sense it, then you should not encourage it more, because this will end with another breakup.

Signs that say your relationship is actually a rebound.

1-  You always try really hard to get your ex’s attention with this relationship and try to make him or her jealous as well.

2-  You don’t know properly why your previous bonding didn’t work and you can’t understand what you have learned from it. That’s why you are in a dilemma with it which has resulted in this rebound relationship.

3-  A rebound relationship is always very casual. There is no emotional attachment, connection, possessiveness. You just know there is someone whom you can call when you feel bored or lonely.

4-  If you keep telling yourself or your partner that you have completely got over with your ex and now you are super happy, then actually you are still hurt deep down.
5-  If it’s a rebound relationship, then you will keep talking about your ex with your current partner and won’t leave any scope of comparing him or her with your ex.

6-  Yes, we all get excited about our new relationship, but over-excitement is not at all a good sign. You may find yourself posting each and every detail of your relationship on social media. And this also includes your PDA with your new partner.

7-  Most of the rebound relationships always depend on physical intimacy and there is hardly any mental connection between the partners.