7 Signs that you are madly in love with your better half

You literally cannot keep your eyes (and hands) of your bae, because you are sickeningly in love with them!
7 Signs that you are madly in love with your better half
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Being in love is one the matchless pleasures life can offer. It transports you into another universe where reality becomes better than your dreams nabbing your sleep away. But at times it can be quiet tricky and confusing to figure out the difference between being in 'love' and 'madly in love'. Here are some signs that tell you that you're madly and irrevocably in love with your significant other.

The littlest physical gestures make you dizzy in love
When you lover boy or girl squeezes your hand unexpectedly or pull you into a tight hug, your heart literally skips a beat and the whole world might seem like a blur.

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They sneak into your mind at the most random times
You are in a cab or sipping some coffee or staring at your computer screen at work. All of a sudden you break into a big, goofy smile and end up thinking about your bae. Your insides melt into a puddle of mush and your day instantly brightens just thinking about them. 

You have changed his or her name more than three times on your phone
Initially, it was their proper name. Then it was the nickname you gave your love which was later changed to baby and you're clueless where to stop!

You are not stressed thinking about the future
College or work or just life, in general, is going to change in a million ways both tiny and huge, but you don't feel stressed about it. When you're with someone who makes you happy constantly, the future isn't scary, it's exciting.

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Their pain becomes your pain
When your better half is in pain, it hits you so hard that it starts to feel like it is all happening to you.

The two of you have a special phrase
A sweet phrase which is meaningful to only both of you and special like the "maybe 'okay' will be our 'always,'" from The Fault in Our Stars, except it is for real.

Sometimes you fall in love with your their awesomeness all over again

Like when he or she does or says something which will make them all the more cuter,  you just die! Other people say that feeling of butterflies fades over time. You are not other people.

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When you miss. that person more than anything else and whatever you doing you think about that person more than anything else

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