7 Telltale signs that a shy guy likes you

It can be difficult to date a show a shy guy who seldom show his feelings. If you too want to know if the shy guy you’re dating likes you, then here are 7 signs that might help you understand.
relationship tips,shy guy 7 Telltale signs that a shy guy likes you
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While there are guys who don’t shy away from expressing their feelings, some guys feel too shy to declare how much they adore you. When they don’t tell you how they feel, it can be confusing and you can’t help but think that they are ignoring you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not interested in you. He may not be bold enough to wear his feelings on his sleeve, but if you still want to find out how he actually feels about you, you have come to the right place 

So, how do you know if a shy guy likes you? Here’s are some signs that might help you. 

1- He may be too shy to approach you, but you have caught him looking at you all the time. If you have seen him sneaking glances, then that is a sign he is into you. 

2- Does he make sure you’re safe while crossing the road or comfort you when you are feeling upset? He might not be expressing his feelings for you, but he will not shy away from protecting you and show affection through his actions. 

3- He may not talk to you when you are together, but suddenly has a lot to say online or via text. 

4- He isn’t necessarily clumsy, but loses control the moment he sees you. He tries to be calm, but end up doing stupid stuff in front of you. 

5- He will probably give you more attention or speak to you more intently even when you are hanging out in a group. They are more interested in listening to what you have to say. 

6- He smiles from ear to ear when he’s with you. A shy guy may not use his words or tell you blatantly how he feels, but he can’t help but keep his feelings inside. 

7- Although a shy guy might feel nervous to tell you how he feels directly, he may touch you playfully or find subtle ways to connect with you on an intimate level. It can be as simple as giving a cute nickname to address you affectionately. 

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