7 Telltale signs your partner is taking you for granted

11 months ago  |  1.2M
7 Telltale signs your partner is taking you for granted

Remember how your guy used to be head over heels in love with you? But those days have passed, and things don’t seem the same anymore. It is not uncommon for one partner to feel left out in a relationship. Every relationship comes with its fair share of problems, and it is possible for your partner to not feel appreciative of you all the time. But it can be a total drag to feel that your partner is taking you for granted. 

There’s no denying that being taken for granted will hurt but it is something that can be discussed or re-evaluated if your partner and you are willing to work things out. However, sometimes when things take a 360 turn and you no longer feel good about your relationship or yourself, then it is better to call it quits before it gets complicated. If you feel as though you’re not appreciated, let your partner know. 

Here are 7 signs your partner takes you for granted. 

1- He wants you to make time for him but it’s never the other way around. Regardless of how important the event is for you; he doesn’t show up to be there for you. 

2- Is he kind of rude all the time? He doesn’t appreciate anymore, doesn’t care what you’re up to when you’re together and doesn’t do anything except eat or get intimate with you. 

3- He is never the first one to come up and tell you how much he loves you. He only says it after you say it first. And when he does express his love, it never feels convincing.  

4- Gone are the days when he used to make time for you no matter how busy he was. Now he never has time for you, which means his priorities have changed. 

5- He shuts you down whenever you try to voice your opinion. He doesn’t respect your opinion or take care of your feelings like he used to. 

6- There was a time when he used to shower you with compliments, now he barely acknowledges you. 

7- You get the important news on social media, instead of your partner coming to you privately. In a healthy relationship, you share things with each other first before rest of the world knows. 

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