7 ways to make your relationship work, according to science

Because for a happy relationship, one needs to work towards it
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Love is the answer to everything. It's the only reason to do anything." — Ray Bradbury


Rightly so, but do you think all of this stands true in today’s world? In a place and time wherein love and relationships are extremely fragile and they start and end at the drop of a hat? Love today is not when your heart flutters, love today is posting a selfie, getting into each other’s pants and bidding goodbye to each other like its no big deal. Affection, feelings and warmth holds true only for social media display. Relationships are shattering and dismantling at the rapid speed of light and all one can feel is sorry.


Everyone on this planet is so occupied with their own lives that they barely have any time for their relationships. The human species has literally blown up their emotions in the chase of success and wealth. The internet is flooded with people who act as ‘wise advisors’ even though their own life is tattered in pieces. Many have started believing that relationships require a lot of time and effort in order for it to be stable; however; science has something completely different to say. Listed below are 10 easy ways to make your relationship last longer in a world full of breakups, according to science.

Watch TV series together

Woaaah! This one we know for sure is going to work. What better than watching your favourite show, with your favourite person cuddling you. This one gets a major thumbs up from us.



Fighting or arguing in person rather than over texts

We all agree to this one fact. Science (infact common sense) says that opinions, views and messages are conveyed way better in person than over texts or call. Whenever you think that things are getting nastier, make sure you see the person, as all your anger will easily fade away.

Drink together

Because this high when shared with your most favourite homo-sapien becomes all the more merrier. Go out drinking together, whether it is a happy or a sad situation and you'll see you two bond like crazy

When the two celebrate each other’s success like their own together

Imagine achieving something big and celebrating that very success with your special one, life can’t get any better.



When the two of you share a common group of circle

This in no way means that you’ll need to be from the same squad. But it is easier when you have mutuals and common friends as the relatability quotient is much higher.



When you’ll workout together, you’ll bond more

Yes, while your partner might be a lazy ass, it's the duty of the other to get him on his/her feet. Couples who workout together have a goal which they have set for themselves as a couple. While the whole exercising process might be extremely taxing, doing it together eases it out quickly.

Couples who divide their work chores stay happier

This one's for all the young married couples, infact this also holds true for all the live-in couples too. Couples who happily believe in teamwork and divide their household chores, have a shot at having their own happily ever after.


Love and relationships are for the fortunate ones these days and if you have found the one, make sure that you work towards it. Live it, work towards it and enjoy every bit of it together. Love was never meant to be complicated, it’s the people in it who complicate it.

What do you think about these tips? Comment below and let us know.

"Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it."― Nicholas Sparks

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