8 body language postures that reveal the truth about your relationship

Body language can tell us a lot about a person. They are the non-verbal signs a person makes while communicating.
Love & Relationships,relationships,body language,relationship hints8 body language postures that reveal the truth about your relationship
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Our expression and body language can convey a lot more than we know. In a relationship, body language can tell you how your partner feels for you. The emotions which can’t be expressed verbally can be conveyed by your body language. It is important to know the signs your partner makes. This helps you understand him better and makes your bond stronger. You can easily decode your partner’s gestures. Here is a list of body language poses which can reveal the truth about your relationship.

Holding hands

When your partner holds your hand, it indicates a sign of intimacy, love and happiness that your partner feels during that moment. Couples who are not close or share a strong bond are not likely to hold hands. So when your partner makes an effort to hold your hands, it means he is feeling loved.

Body turned away

When you are trying to speak to your partner, you notice that her body is always turned away. This shows disinterest. Your partner tries to keep a distance. These are signs of problems.

Crossed hands and legs

When your partner crosses hands or legs or both at once, it means he/she is feeling tensed and uncomfortable. This is a sign that one of the partners is dominant and over-controlling.

Doesn’t slow down or look behind

During a walk, if your partner doesn’t walk with you or look behind to make sure you are okay, it reveals lack of etiquettes. This means your relationship is starting to fade away. Walking together shows equality and a sign that you are a happy couple.

Arm over the shoulder

When you are sitting or walking and your partner puts his/her arm over your shoulder, it means your partner is trying to get close to you. They are trying to be physically close to you.

Hand behind the back

When your partner puts his/her hand behind your back while walking or sitting, it indicates their care, love and comfort. Some people mistake this move as showing power and upper hand in a relationship. However, it is a positive move.

Leaning onto each other

When couples are really close and trust each other, they tend to keep their head on their partner’s shoulder. This shows a sign of intimacy, closeness and love.

Holding onto the arm

Well, this might look romantic but reveals that the one holding the arm is dependent on their partner. It gives a parenting vibe. There is less closeness and intimacy expressed here.


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