8 pick up lines that actually work on women (almost) every time

And if you don't get the girl, at least you''ll get an A for the effort...
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Let's be honest, making the first move takes a whole lot of courage and not everybody has been able to master the art. That’s probably why so many guys end up with verbal diarrhoea or saying too little, in the attempt to come up with opening pick up lines that simultaneously display wit, charm, and flattery.
Well, for those kind, here's the deal: You really don’t have to work that hard. Women aren't as complicated as you might like to believe and displaying confidence is the first rule. Once that's in place, keep in mind that while you don't mind coming across as flirty, you don't want her to think you're crossing the line into being cheeky and desperate. 
And if you've given up hope on strikes with those cheesy pick up lines, don't! Contrary to popular belief, not all pick up lines are a turn-off and in fact, there are actually a few that have worked on many a fabulous lady! So, the next time you're out on the prowl and looking to start a conversation with a woman, take these into consideration...you never know...you might just hit the jackpot! 
1. "Hi... I would like to meet you. Do you have a friend who can introduce us?" 
It's just the right amount of funny and humour is always a hit with 'em ladies! Also, it's a decent conversation starter and her reaction will tell you whether or not she would indeed like to be introduced to you.
2. "You look like trouble!"
For a flirtatious girl, this line is perfect. Say she's the one that seems to be the ring leader among all her friends or the one who just ordered a round of drinks. You can playfully go up and tell her she looks like trouble. Of course, you'll want to smile, to indicate you mean 'trouble' in a good, somewhat cute way. The responses you can get from this line are endless, but it perfectly sets the tone for a very flirtatious conversation. 
3.  "You're so cute, you just made me forget my pick up line."
A classic way to give a compliment without coming on too strong, is the "you're so cute that..." line. It's sure to make her grin and give her a little confidence boost. If she's flirty, she'll likely have a witty comeback, or call you on actually using a pick up line. No matter what her response it's an easy opener that isn't too aggressive.
4. "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"
Innocent, charming and polite. It's not always safe to assume that a woman sitting next to an empty chair is alone. Your consideration of the fact that she may be saving a seat for someone shows that you have class. What makes this an effective pick up line is the fact that it's unobtrusive and gives her the opportunity to signal her non-interest politely, and the opportunity to invite you to join her if she's alone and wouldn't mind chatting. 
5. Would you like to dance?
This probably won't work unless you actually have enough rhythm in your pants to dance. If you impress her with your skills, you might just find yourself at the bar talking about music, the DJ or the venue. This is among the most effective pick up lines because women in a place where there is dancing often like to dance (that's typically why they're there), and if you shuffle your feet right, who knows? There are certainly worse ways to meet someone, and if she says yes, you're immediately close to her anyway.
6. “I’ve been trying to find the courage to give you my phone number.”
Sounds much better, right? If you’re trying to start a flirty conversation, telling her a dirty or corny ‘pick up line’ will probably be an immediate failure. But if you make the ‘pick up line’ sound natural and innocent, she’ll fall in love with your charm and charisma. Or at least we can hope so.  
7. “Do you have a minute for me to hit on you?”
This is a great pickup line – it sounds friendly and cheeky (in a good way) but still tells the woman that you’re confident.  It’s effective and valuable in its own right and it also tells her that you’re not going to take a lot of her time. This is a bold line, as it cuts to the chase and drops all presence without being too cheesy or creepy.
8. “I have those exact shoes!”
When you’ve spotted the girl you want to talk to, pick out something she’s wearing, the girlier the better. You get the idea. Approach her with a smile and enthusiastically tell her you have the exact same shoes! Or bag, skirt, whatever it may be. It’s a good way to break the ice and hopefully make her laugh. 
What is your go-to pickup line? Comment below and let us know. 

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You are m next flirt ;-)

Pick up lines are outdated and lame! Just be yourself and have something interesting to talk about other than social media hoopla! And buying a girl a drink doesn't mean that she is into you or you will get her number.


Lol these are some corny pick up lines.

How you doing :-)

i really liked the 4th one

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