8 Tell tale signs why you should NOT text him back

Someone’s texting behaviour can tell you a lot about how that person feels about you. If your guy does these 8 things, don’t bother texting him back.
8 Tell tale signs why you should NOT text him back
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Have you ever sent a text you thought you shouldn’t have? Or received a text that left you confused? You’re not alone. A lot of people have been in that position and regretted it. Texting can be a risky business especially when it comes to love. You just don’t understand if you should text him or not. It is a lot easier when you’re face to face with someone. This way it is easier to understand how a person really feels by looking at their expression but with texting, it can be difficult. 

Even though texting in the modern world of dating is everyone’s favourite way of communicating, it sometimes feels like a nightmare. But the good thing about texting is that it reveals where the relationship is headed very early on which can save you from a painful heartbreak. So, the next time your guy says or does inappropriate things you can save yourself some time and a lot of despair by not texting him back. 

Here is a list of 8 texting behaviour patterns you should never ignore. If your guy does these things, don’t bother texting him back. 

1) He doesn’t put any effort in his replies to your thoughtful texts. One word replies aren’t exactly assertions of passion and love. 

2) If he doesn’t reply in a day, don’t even bother to keep texting him. Yes, he can be busy but not for a whole day or two. 

3) If brings up sex every time you try to talk to him, even when discussing personal or serious issues. Chances are that is the only thing he’s into. 

4) Most guys believe that replying and messing with her mind is the ultimate way to get her interested. If he deliberately ignores your texts and replies to you late, stop texting him. 

5) Her texts are filled with either complaints or insults, then just stop. Don’t put yourself through the negativity. 

6) If he never initiates or bothers to make a plan with you,then take that as a red flag. 

7) If he texts you only when he is alone and forgets you the moment his friends or family are back. 

8) If you feel anxious or stressed every time you guys talk, don’t.  

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Anonymous 12 months ago

I myself was pursuing one such chap a few years back . I was young and stupid . they are not worth it . they smile , nod , say everything you wish to hear ... they do with a lot of girls . get out of such pursuits . some one special is surely waiting for you . its just a matter of time before you meet him .