8 Ways to confess love over text without saying 'I Love You'

Updated on Jan 06, 2021 11:50 PM IST  |  2.2M
8 Ways to confess your love over text without saying 'I Love You'

Love is a rare feeling that occurs in various ways that one can’t simply explain. It is a beautiful yet complex emotion that captures your heart and mind leaving you feeling helpless and ecstatic. People often fall in and out of love and convey this feeling to others in multiple ways through everyday actions. It could be through various gestures, a touch or an act of kindness. However, in today’s day and age of online dating, teenagers have taken down to texting to confess their love. 

With the pandemic not leaving us anytime soon and lockdown being a perpetual state for time being, it is difficult to meet someone and confess your love in person. Social distancing norms being followed strictly, it is getting difficult for lovers to meet often and express their love for each other. 


Fret not, as we are here to give you tips on how to confess love over text without being too direct.


Flirting is the first step to show someone that you like them. Healthy flirting goes a long way. Make them feel nice and appreciated by complimenting them often and show them how much you are into them by dropping subtle hints.


It is all reciprocating energy, efforts and feelings. Unreciprocated feelings are wasted energy, so make sure you are reciprocating whatever they are saying. It will show them that you are equally interested and your feelings are genuine. 

Share music


Sharing music is a kind of love language in the modern world dating. By sending them a song or dedication a song for them, they will think about you in a different perspective. It also shows that you are making an effort to show them that you are interested in them. 

Use GIFS and emojis

We often shy away to express love through words. Words sometimes don’t justify our emotions and feelings, in such case, you can use emojis or gifs to convey your love and how much you adore them.

Give fast replies

Fast replies are always a turn on for anyone. Giving fast replies shows that you are eager to talk to them and you are interested with intentions of dating them. 

Tell them about your favourite restaurant


Try to bring it up slyly in a conversation about your favourite cuisine or your favourite restaurant. Drop hints by telling them indirectly to take you out on a dinner date or order something of your favourite cuisine and enjoy a date night at home.

Give them a nickname

Add a little cute term for your partner. You can save their name by something only you will refer them to like bae, baby, or give a nickname that only you can call him/her. This will add a personal touch to your relationship.

Share your secrets with them

This will build trust between you two. By telling someone about your past, your secrets or sharing your personal concerns, it gives them an insight into your personal life and brings them closer to you. They will pick up the hint that they are for sure interested in you.

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