8 Ways to deal with a commitment phobic girlfriend

Ever feel so sure about your girlfriend but only receive cold responses? Do you feel like your feelings aren't reciprocated by her? It means you are with a commitment phobe.
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Ever feel like you have met THE one and that you can't spend your life with anybody else? But do you know how she feels about you? Does she like you and feel the same way about you? If the answer is no, you are with a commitment phobe. If you don't know how to deal with her, here are some tips that could help you in figuring her and the relationship out. 
Give her space
Does she only want to meet you and go on dates when it is convenient for her? Or does she not initiate dates at all? Give her some space to figure out how she truly feels about you and then maybe once she knows how things pan out, she will either take more initiative or back off completely. 
Get her to open up more
Phobias usually arise from past experiences so if you can get them to open up to you about it. Once you know where their fear of commitment lies, you can try to make her feel more comfortable and confident about the relationship. 
Don't rush her
If she is not ready to give this relationship her all, despite trying everything possible, it is better not to rush her. This will add pressure to her and make her feel more unsure about the whole situation. When she makes the smallest step of either texting you first, or asking you out for a dinner, appreciate her gesture and be encouraging of it. 
Ask her what her goals are
Girls who have commitment phobia usually don't stick to one relationship and keep switching. They are also considered serial daters. So it is time you establish your own timeline and tell her where you stand. Then, ask her where she stands in the relationship. 
Put yourself first
If your girlfriend is a commitment phobe, she is generally aloof and you find yourself feeling anxious and insecure about the whole relationship. But it is time to put yourself and your mental health first. You are top priority. 
Don't nag her 
If you continue nagging her about committing sooner, you might only end up pushing her further away. Being with a commitment phobe involves patience. If at any point you feel frustrated and need a response, sit calmly and talk to her about it. 
Don't give up on your priorities
Do not under any circumstance, distance yourself from your friends. Your girlfriend can bog you down from time to time and you will need other company like that of your friends, to pick you up. Don't cut off any relationships for them. 
Understand that she may never want to commit
If you are dating a commitment phobe, you need to already know that there is a very high possibility that they might never commit. And if you can't convince them to commit, there is barely any point of continuing the relationship. 
At the end of everything, as long as you are not too blinded by love, you should be fine. 

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