8 Weird but scientific ways to attract the man whom you like

According to Science, there are some weird yet effective ways to attract a guy whom you want to be in a relationship with. So, read on to know right below.
8 Weird but scientific ways to attract the man whom you like8 Weird but scientific ways to attract the man whom you like
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To make someone fall in love with you, first, you need to embrace yourself as you are. We have heard different kinds of mantras about dating men and getting the right guy for us. But scientifically, falling for someone even depends on your genetics as well. Apart from that, luck and timing may also decide this thing.

But often doing some kind of weird things attract men towards women. So, if you are also planning to date right now to find the perfect guy for you, then you can try these weird things to attract the man you like. Check them out right below.

Weird but scientific things to make a guy fall for you:

1-  It may sound creepy but it’s true. Looking like him may attract the man towards you. Everybody likes those who look like us and this may even make the couple happier in the long-run.

2-  According to psychologists, people tend to like those persons who look like their opposite-sex parent. It can be similar hair colour or eye-colour or way of talking.

3-  Be the ‘out of league’ kind of person because women tend to get attracted to partners who have really high standards.

4-  There is a saying that ‘opposite attracts’. But this cannot be true always because sometimes, similar traits attract each other like personality, thought process, lifestyle, etc.

5-  Even now research supports that pretending to be uninterested and staying in distant makes a man crazy about you. So, once you have finally liked someone, showing too much interest might be harmful initially.

6-  Paying attention to your man makes him feel important and appreciated. So, it’s very important to listen or understand their way of living life.

7-  Smell good because people are attracted to each other based on their smell, research says.

8-  Now, it may seem to be too filmy, but it’s true. According to science, looking straight into each other’s eyes for two minutes will make you feel passionate and affectionate about that person.

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