9 Signs of emotional neglect in a relationship

Do you feel lonely and ignored in your relationship? Maybe your partner is neglecting you emotionally. But how do you identify that in the bonding? Follow these signs to be sure about it.
9 Signs of emotional neglect in a relationship
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When your partner makes you feel ignored, alone and misunderstood in the relationship then you tend to feel emotionally neglected. You don’t feel happy in the bonding and your partner even seems to be putting zero efforts towards it. Even if you complain about it or show them your unhappiness, still you don’t get the scope of being pampered. These are all signs of emotional negligence in the relationship.

According to psychologists, emotional neglect is another form of emotional abuse. Emotional neglect is ignoring the partner’s feelings or emotions and emotional abuse is manipulating them for your own benefits. So, if you are also experiencing emotional neglect in your bonding, then we are here to help you. Read on to know the signs of this emotional issue.

Signs of emotional neglect in a relationship:

1-  When it’s needed to talk to each other, your partner doesn’t even make eye contact with you. He just leaves the room without saying anything. This is not acceptable.

2-  It’s not possible to remember every small details and date of a memorable incident in the relationship, but you cannot forget the important dates like anniversary, birthdays, etc. This kind of carelessness is another sign of the concerned issue.

3-  It may seem to be good to not fight with each other at all in the bonding. But conflict and healthy fighting helps us to stay connected in the relationship. So, if your partner is not at all investing in an argument then there is something wrong in the relationship.

4-  You share good news with your partner, and they tend to forget to congratulate you for it. They seem to be negative about it and cannot say that they are proud of you. Your happiness may not matter to them.

5-  They are always late for date nights or any casual meetings and are never sorry for it. Maybe because they are not excited to meet you anymore.

6-  Leaving during an important conversation is also a potential sign of emotional neglect. Your partner is not listening to your needs and not opening his feelings as well.

7-  There is a lot of inconsistency in your partner’s behaviour. They make promises but can easily break them. And this may make you confused about them. Inconsistency is another sign of such emotional problems.

8-  Your partner will always try to be defensive and won’t be sorry to hurt your feelings. He will be angry and upset to prove he is right, but won’t listen to your thoughts.

9-  You are the one who always makes any plan for a meeting. Your partner hardly thinks about it.

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